7 Steps to Perfect Holiday Preparation

Hello! I’m particularly excited this weekend as I’m going on a well needed girls holiday on Tuesday. So, seeing as holiday prep is in full flow, I thought I’d share it with you…

1. Holiday Wardrobe Shopping

I seem to buy a brand new holiday wardrobe even though last year’s is probably still sufficient. This year I actually bought most from Primark as there are so many nice things in there at the minute and of course at rock bottom prices. See what I bought in my Primark Summer Wardrobe Haul blog. I also bought a few bits from Missguided and ASOS, including these…

I’ve decided to just go with a couple of plain bikini tops this year to mix and max with different bottoms.

2. Tanning

I wear fake tan all year round as let’s be honest, everybody looks better with a tan. My favourite tanning product at the moment is Bondi Sands Ultra Dark, I swear by it. But it’s time to ditch the fake tan to prep for a real one! I usually let it fade and exfoliate the remaining off around 2 weeks before going away and start sunbedding. I know it’s so so bad for you, but I believe in moderation. I only ever do it about 6 times leading up to holiday, totalling roughly 45 minutes. My skin is quite fair naturally so this gets my skin ready for the sudden UV exposure on holiday. I find it really really helps to start tanning from day 1 and it avoids the dreaded pasty look on your first day.

3. Nails

Fortunately, my sister has a gel machine at home so I don’t have to visit a salon to get my nails done. I use this all year round as I only have to redo my nails every 3 weeks or so, it’s great! I usually go for nude/grey tones. But, it’s time to move the natural shades away and make room for brighter colours. I love coral holiday nails, they really compliment a tan. It’s my favourite colour, as you can probably tell as it features in my blog branding.

4. Teeth Whitening

It’s always nice for your teeth to be that extra bit white for your hols. I’ve been using Crest 3D White Luxe Glamorous White Toothpaste and Mouthwash which has worked a treat. See my full review on these products in a previous blog post. The effect of this product seems to have worn out with time, so I’m now trying Just Smile, an activated charcoal based whitening product that I’ve been so desperate to try for a long time after reading some great reviews. I haven’t yet completed their recommended time for the product to have made a difference, but I will be posting a full review in due course, so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, if you want to try out the product yourself, you can purchase it for just £12.99 with an extra 10% off using my code, SOPHIEH10. You even get a Bamboo Toothbrush thrown in as well!

5. Waxing 

Getting a wax really is a holiday prep must! I go for a wax all year round, but a bikini and lower leg wax is essential. Why not go the full works and get a Hollywood? This just makes you feel so much more comfortable putting your bikini on every day and so much easier when it comes to showering on an evening. We all know how painful it is shaving over sunburn, so I try all I can to avoid this. I go to Elaine at Harrogate Waxing and she is great!

6. Semi-Permanent Eye Lashes

Again, I get semi-permanent eye lashes all year round, but they are particularly good for holiday. It’s so nice heading to the pool or the beach with no make up on but looking almost like you do as your lashes are lengthy and full of volume. I go to MK Beauty Harrogate for mine and Monika is amazing, I would highly recommend! It is £60 for your first set and then £30 every 4/5 weeks to get them topped up. So if it’s just something you want done one off for holiday, it is quite a price to pay. I would recommend getting an eye lash tint instead if you’re on a budget and don’t want to keep up to your lashes, as these are much cheaper and will still last up to 10 days.

7. Hair 

I wasn’t actually planning on getting my hair done as I have massively overspent on holiday prep, but I just couldn’t resist as my hair has got way too long and thick! It’s always good to get your hair thinned out and brightened up before going on holiday. Like many, I’m quite fortunate as my hair seems to break out in natural highlights after a week in the sun. But I’m going for a balayage refresh before heading back to my natural colour for winter.

So, it’s almost time to grab my passport and head to Alicanté. In my next blog post I’ll let you know which beauty products I’m using whilst I’m away to keep my hair and skin hydrated in the heat.

Are you going away this summer? How do you prepare? 

Soph xx

4 thoughts on “7 Steps to Perfect Holiday Preparation

    • SOPHSAYS says:

      I got mine from missguided and asos, Primark sizes were never in stock in my size! I also heard about Zaful but after reading reviews I decided against it as apparently the sizes are a bit dodgy! xxx

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