Each perfume can smell so different on each person, so finding the right perfume for you can be quite a challenge. So when you find it, most tend to stick to it, like me!

So, today I’m going to share with you my 3 Must Have Perfumes that I never want to be without…

1) D&G L’Impartrice

This is the perfect every day perfume.

I first started using this after my mum and twin sister both started wearing it. I’m not the kind of person that goes into Boots to smell random perfumes. If I like the way someone else smells, I’ll always ask and then add it to my wish list. So I must have been wearing D&G L’Impartrice for 5 years now. Nowadays it’s not too pricey. I tend to pick up a good deal in most duty frees as a travelling treat! It’s a really fruity fragrance, yet not too sickly or sweet. I’ve received so many compliments from wearing this over the years! It’s a scent that appeals to all, so I would highly recommend!

2) Thierry Mugler Alien

Again, I bought this after smelling it on my sister. Referring back to my previous comment about perfume smelling slightly different on each person, I can’t go to too far wrong from how it smells on my twin!

I’ve been wearing Alien for about 3 years now and I get a lot of compliments, however this one isn’t to everybodies taste as it is quite a strong and distinctive scent. So much so that when you walk into a room and someone is wearing it, you can instantly smell it. Well, that may just be me, but it is strong! But I love it and many others do too!

The scent of perfumes tend to provoke memories. So when I wear Alien, it makes me reminisce about New York, as I had just bought it when I visited and wore it everyday!

3) Viktor & Rolf Bonbon

This is a new one that I’ve added to my perfume collection and it’s my new favourite! It was recommended to me by a friend in duty free and I knew it was a bit of me as soon as I smelt it.

As you can probably tell from this blog, I love fruity perfumes and this is also one of those. Again, not too sweet or sickly. You only need to spray it once in the morning and it will last all day, unlike many perfumes. It not only smells amazing, but it also looks amazing. The bottle conveys a gorgeous pink-bow style and looks fab on display.

The first day I wore this, I received compliments from my boyfriend, friends, grandparents and even a lady working in the coffee shop! So the smell really does appeal to everyone no matter their age or gender.

What are your must-have perfumes?

Soph xx

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