I for one LOVE an espadrille when it gets to the Spring/Summer season. So seeing as the sun was starting to make more of an appearance and the layers are getting thinner, I thought it was time to buy some new ones!

I bought these cute little pom pom espadrille sandals last week and so many people contacted me asking where they were from, so I thought I’d write a little blog about it.

My boyfriend is OBSESSED with Groupon and buys himself and sometimes treats me to random little gifts. So one night I thought I’d see what the hype was about and scrolled down the endless listings on Groupon’s ‘featured’ section. I came across these sandals priced at Β£19.98, which I thought could either be super naff or super cute, so I bought them to give them a go.

Much to my surprise, they arrived in perfect condition and I fell in love with them instantly! They look adorable with the standard ‘jeans and nice top’ combo, perfect for a day-date or shopping with the girls. They are also so comfy, so you can shop till you drop (but this will be a long time!).

When it comes to buying from discounters, most worry about the quality of the item (which was definitely on my mind!). But I was pleasantly surprised with how good the quality of the shoe was and they should definitely last me through Spring/Summer ’17  seasons.

I got mine in black as I was running low on black sandals and they tend to go with more, however they also come in khaki, grey and pink. I adore khaki and grey, so they are next on my hit list!c700x420

Soph xx

4 thoughts on “LET YOUR FEET DO THE ‘POM-POM’

  1. Jess says:

    They aren’t something I would’ve ever thought of buying before but after reading this I may just have to go and see for myself! They are really cute!




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